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Our Materials

Our Materials

Here at Reverie Studio we are passionate about the materials we use.
We have searched far and wide to find beautiful, contemporary paper stock
that is recycled and sustainably sourced; surprisingly challenging! 

Below you will discover a little bit more about our core paper stock and
the reasons why we believe they are the cream of the crop! 


Pale Grey
Our pale grey paper stock is from the 'Colourset' range of papers. It is 100% recycled. It has a slight texture to it and comes in the perfect shade of grey. 
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We LOVE this paperstock. It's an oyster colour with these amazing white flecks though it. Made from 100% premium recycled post-consumer pulp, this one might just cut it as our favourite. 
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Bright White
The white stock we use has a very smooth texture to enhance the print used on it.  It is made with a combination of post consumer waste and FSC certified fibres.
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Dusky Pink
Our dusky pink paper stock is made 80% recycled cardstock and is FSC approved. We love the soft tone of this paper and it's smooth finish,  we hope you do too. 
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If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us: